Monday, April 15, 2013

Soccer Mom - Fall 2012 Season

I now know why the stereotype of soccer mom exists, because soccer takes over your whole family. We live, breathe, eat, drive soccer.  I have come up with many projects to do in the car while waiting for soccer practices to finish. 


Jackson's coach in white (Josue)

We've loved Carter & Jackson's coaches.  They are great men, who are really talented at working with these kids.  

Carter's coach in blue (Angel)

Even though its a huge time commitment, we've loved watching the boys play.  Both Carter & Jackson love soccer.  

Dominic & Jackson

Even when we play against our friends its a fun time, Jackson has played against many friends and sometimes his team wins, sometimes his team loses, but its still fun to get to see your friends across the field. 

Alfonso & Jackson
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Caroling Party

We've continued the tradition since moving from Las Vegas.  
This was our 2nd annual Washington caroling party.  


Washington caroling does require quite a bit more winter clothing, and since Bart and I are both involved in the Young Men & Young Women programs at church we had a great influx of teenagers.  They were great!  Love the excitement, 
singing and fun they brought.  

Our caroling lasted about 45 minutes (it is freezing!) and then we made the pilgrimage out to the farm for homemade cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate and a chance to warm up and chat with everyone.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of the long string of headlights filling the road from town all the way to our house, it was amazing to see! What great friends and family we have made here in Washington.  

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Homemade Apple Cider

After picking enough apples they start down the cider assembly line.  We rinse the apples, then fill a large water trough and with the help of lots of little hands the apples get a soak.

The whole apple goes into the grinding machine, where all the pulp, juice and peel is maserated and dumped into the buckets.



When the bucket is filled, the plunger twists (with the help of some big muscle strength) and mashes all the pulp, draining all the juice into a bucket below. 


Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. 

Then the juice is filtered through cheesecloth to keep any small fibers out of the cider.  


Lastly funneled into brand new gallon and half-gallon jugs with screw top lids to store in the freezer.  Then we all run in the house to warm up and have a Halloween party leaving this guy, to clean up the machine and hose off the sticky apple juiced driveway. 


And just like that 90 gallons of homemade apple cider

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The Fords

Carl's Oldest Sister Carolyn, her husband Holland

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